Multimodal optical imaging with real-time projection of cancer risk and biopsy guidance maps for early oral cancer diagnosis and treatment

Journal of biomedical optics(2023)

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Significance: Despite recent advances in multimodal optical imaging, oral imaging systems often do not provide real-time actionable guidance to the clinician who is making biopsy and treatment decisions. Aim: We demonstrate a low-cost, portable active biopsy guidance system (ABGS) that uses multimodal optical imaging with deep learning to directly project cancer risk and biopsy guidance maps onto oral mucosa in real time.Approach: Cancer risk maps are generated based on widefield autofluorescence images and projected onto the at-risk tissue using a digital light projector. Microendoscopy images are obtained from at-risk areas, and multimodal image data are used to calculate a biopsy guidance map, which is projected onto tissue. Results: Representative patient examples highlight clinically actionable visualizations provided in real time during an imaging procedure. Results show multimodal imaging with cancer risk and biopsy guidance map projection offers a versatile, quantitative, and precise tool to guide biopsy site selection and improve early detection of oral cancers.Conclusions: The ABGS provides direct visible guidance to identify early lesions and locate appropriate sites to biopsy within those lesions. This represents an opportunity to translate multimodal imaging into real-time clinically actionable visualizations to help improve patient outcomes.
oral potentially malignant disorders,biopsy guidance,multimodal optical imaging,clinician guidance,high-resolution imaging
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