Exploring Geometric and Material Property Model Limitations of Magnetorheological Sandwich Beams

AIAA SCITECH 2023 Forum(2023)

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The purpose of this research is to test the limitations of a particular magnetorheological (MR) sandwich beam model when using different geometries and material properties. This task is achieved by comparing the relationship between the magnetic field strength and the MR fluid’s complex shear modulus (assumed linearly viscoelastic) for three different beam lengths and three distinct core membrane materials for a total of nine beams. With a pocket of MR fluid and an electromagnet located near the cantilever beam’s free end, a modal analysis captures the beam’s natural frequency and damping at different magnetic field strengths for each beam. These experimentally measured modal parameters are then used to calculate the complex shear modulus needed to calculate the modal parameters extracted from the beam model and the eigenvalue problem. The complex shear modulus results could only be calculated for one beam case. This dissonance in the results and the expected outcome are believed to be the result of an imperfect boundary condition and how it was modeled. Future research is concerned with resolving this boundary condition both in the model and in the structure on which the beams are attached.
material property model limitations
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