Sensorimotor recalibration of postural control strategies occurs after whole body vibration

Scientific reports(2023)

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Efficient postural control results from an effective interplay between sensory feedbacks integration and muscle modulation and can be affected by ageing and neuromuscular injuries. With this study, we investigated the effect of whole-body vibratory stimulation on postural control strategies employed to maintain an upright posture. We explored both physiological and posturography metrics, through corticomuscular and intramuscular coherence, and muscle networks analyses. The stimulation disrupts balance in the short term, but leads to a greater contribution of cortical activity, necessary to modulate muscle activation via the formation of (new) synergies. We also observed a reconfiguration of muscle recruitment patterns that returned to pre-stimulation levels after few minutes, accompanied by a slight improvement of balance in the anterior–posterior direction. Our results suggest that, in the context of postural control, appropriate mechanical stimulation is capable of triggering a recalibration of the sensorimotor set and might offer new perspectives for motor re-education.
postural control strategies,sensorimotor recalibration,control strategies
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