An event-triggered iteratively reweighted convex optimization approach to multi-period portfolio selection

Expert Systems with Applications(2023)

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This paper addresses multi-period portfolio selection driven by events. We define an event-triggering function to mimic fund managers to activate sequential portfolio rebalancing and maximize Sharpe and Sortino ratios in the Markowitz’s return–risk framework. At first, the multi-period portfolio selection problem is formulated with a variable weight as a series of biconvex optimization problems with a surrogated objective function to maximize the Sharpe ratio or Sortino ratio. In each period, the portfolio optimization problem is further reformulated as an iteratively reweighted convex quadratic optimization problem. The multi-period portfolio selection problem is then solved sequentially based on a defined event-trigger function and a quadratic optimizer. The experiments are done on eight world stock markets datasets to show the capabilities of the proposed approach in calculating market indices and equal-weighted portfolios in terms of Sharpe and Sortino ratios.
Portfolio selection,Portfolio optimization,Pseudoconvex optimization,Iteratively reweighted convex optimization,Event-triggering
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