3D winding path modeling on truncated conical shell with proposed outer-contour expanding and convex helix algorithms

Composite Structures(2023)

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A novel filament winding virtual tool is proposed to develop the 3D winding paths on the workpiece contour in real-time. The semi-geodesic and constant-wall-thickness (CWT) trajectories are used to generate the centerline of the 3D path. A tow overlaps processing method and the outer-contour expanding algorithm (OEA) are developed to eliminate the tow interference. The convex helix algorithm (CHA) is proposed to smooth the cliff generated in the interference elimination. The OEA and CHA algorithms are considered due to their high computational efficiency as compared to the traditional algorithms, such as the Backward Search algorithm (BSA) and l-BFGS Algorithm. The prospective virtual tool develops a stable winding path, and experimental results have shown that the 3D path does have advantages over the traditional 2D path in terms of high preservation of the tow path and the prevention of the tow slippage.
3D winding path,Filament winding,Outer-contour expanding algorithm,Convex helix algorithm,Composite material
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