Extended Kit-Build Concept Mapping Tool to Facilitate Online Teaching and Learning in Post-COVID-19 Era

2022 8th International Conference on Education and Technology (ICET)(2022)

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Extended Kit-Build is an extension concept mapping tool that has been proven to improve student understanding. It provides an approach to broadening knowledge and enhancing meaningful learning. Several early studies have proven the positive effects of implementing the Extended Kit-Build. However, previous studies have focused on the impact of Extended Kit-Build on student achievement. There is no information regarding the suitability of the Extended Kit-Build to facilitate teaching and learning, particularly in the post-COVID-19 era. Therefore, the present study is intended to reveal the extent to which the extended kitbuild supports learning activities after the COVID-19 pandemic. Questionnaires of teachers and university students were involved in measuring their level of agreement. The results highlighted that the extended-kit-build could be applied to support post-covid-19 learning and teaching activities.
extended kit-build,concept map,online teaching and learning,post-COVID-19
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