Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Designing Accessible Systems for Users with Multiple Impairments: Grand Challenges and Opportunities for Future Research.

International ACM SIGACCESS Conference on Computers and Accessibility (ASSETS)(2022)

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Historically, the accessibility community has focused on designing assistive technologies and systems related to single categories of impairments. While this approach is justifiable and contributes to the advancement of the field, many researchers argue that designing technologies for one impairment at a time contributes to an oversimplification of disability and does not reflect real-world experiences of a significant number of users who live with multiple impairments. How can the accessibility field leverage theories and concepts from other disciplines (e.g. disability studies, medical humanities, social work, engineering, education) to support more appropriate and inclusive technologies for users with complex needs? How can future assistive technologies take into consideration a diverse combination of sensory, cognitive, and physical characteristics? In this workshop, we invite researchers and practitioners from different disciplines to share their perspectives related to challenges and opportunities in designing accessible systems that consider the multidimensional and often complex needs of users living with multiple impairments.
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