Deep Learning for Search and Recommendation

Conference on Information and Knowledge Management(2022)

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ABSTRACTIn the current digital world, web search engines and recommendation systems are continuously evolving, opening up new potential challenges every day which require more sophisticated and efficient data mining and machine learning solutions to satisfy the needs of sellers and consumers as well as marketers. The quality of search and recommendation systems impacts customer retention, time on site, and sales volume. For instance, with often sparse conversion rates, highly personalized contents, heterogeneous digital sources, more rigorous and effective models are required to be developed by research engineers and data scientists. At the same time, deep learning has started to show great impact in many industrial applications which are capable of processing complicated, large-scale and real-time data. Deep learning not only provides more opportunities to increase conversion rates and improve revenue through a positive customer experience, but also provides customers with personalized contents along with their personal shopping journey. Due to this rapid growth of the digital world, there is a need to bring professionals together from both academic research and the industry to solve real-world problems. This workshop fosters the development of a strong research community focused on solving deep learning based large-scale web search, personalized search, recommendation and ranking relevance problems that provide superior digital experience to all users.
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