Indigenous communities in Colombia: A cultural and holistic view of cancer management.

International journal of cancer(2023)

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Cancer is one of the most burdening global health challenges. Indigenous communities are at high risk for worse healthcare outcomes because of inequalities in the incidence, prevalence, and mortality of oncological diseases, that arise from socioeconomic, racial, cultural, religious beliefs, and ethnic factors. Their perception about themselves is closely related to what affects their territory, making them possess a profound rooted feeling with their surroundings, and intense spiritual believes. Consequently, the disease process is linked to physical and emotional imbalances and alterations in their territory. Researchers from the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia have worked diligently to learn about barriers to cancer management among these populations. Unfortunately, robust cancer data is lacking for most of the world's Indigenous, leading to obstacles in information systems and consequently, inequities in healthcare with the perpetuation of the problem. Therefore, a better understanding of cancer as a global health problem is required. Our study aims to propose a holistic and culturally adapted framework to improve cancer health services and outcomes among Indigenous peoples in Colombia.
Indigenous health,Indigenous peoples,healthcare disparities,neoplasms,traditional medicine
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