Coping strategies and considerations regarding low anterior resection syndrome and quality of life among patients with rectal cancer; a qualitative interview study.

Birgitte Schantz Laursen, Gitte Kjær Sørensen, Margit Majgaard, Line Byskov Jensen,Karen Irene Jacobsen, Dorte Kløve Kjær,Therese Juul,Peter Christensen,Anette Højer Mikkelsen

Frontiers in oncology(2022)

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Three themes emerged from the analysis; Adapting new life situation, Altering life perception and the Importance of relationships. Major LARS and its consequences following rectal cancer may be managed or altered by adopting problem-focused and emotion-focused coping strategies. Maintaining a positive attitude and having a good network of family and friends constitute a surplus, allowing patients to cope with the need for changed behaviour and appreciate the life that they have been given. Accepting that major LARS and its consequences cause limitations in life allowed patients to change their normality threshold over time.
coping strategies,low anterior resection syndrome,major LARS,qualitative interviews,qualitative study,quality of life,thematic analysis
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