Parameter-Efficient Finetuning of Transformers for Source Code

Shamil Ayupov,Nadezhda Chirkova


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Pretrained Transformers achieve state-of-the-art performance in various code-processing tasks but may be too large to be deployed. As software development tools often incorporate modules for various purposes which may potentially use a single instance of the pretrained model, it appears relevant to utilize parameter-efficient fine-tuning for the pretrained models of code. In this work, we test two widely used approaches, adapters and LoRA, which were initially tested on NLP tasks, on four code-processing tasks. We find that though the efficient fine-tuning approaches may achieve comparable or higher performance than the standard, full, fine-tuning in code understanding tasks, they underperform full fine-tuning in code-generative tasks. These results underline the importance of testing efficient fine-tuning approaches on other domains than NLP and motivate future research in efficient fine-tuning for source code.
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