Diverse strategies that animals use to deter intraspecific predation.

Journal of evolutionary biology(2022)

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Intraspecific predation is a special case of prey-predator system that is taxonomically widespread. While a heterospecific predator's main goal is to achieve nutrition, intraspecific predation provides conspecifics with other benefits including elimination of competitors for resources and mates. Traditionally intraspecific predation is termed based on the context they occur within, for example egg cannibalism, infanticide and sexual cannibalism. These diverse forms of intraspecific predation and the strategies by which animals are known to deter them are summarized categorically in this review. The diversity of defence strategies animals deploy against conspecific predators is appreciable and raises interesting questions on their evolution for future research.
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antipredatory defences,cannibalism,infanticide,sexual cannibalism
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