Development of Image Processing Simulator: Case Study on Robotic Soccer

Muladi,Siti Sendari, Rifky Muzaki Nur Salim

2019 2nd International Conference of Computer and Informatics Engineering (IC2IE)(2019)

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This paper presents an image processing simulator for robotic soccer, which allows robot soccer developers (students/lecturers) to take values on objects used by robot soccer. Therefore, this simulator provides several tasks in image processing by providing a comparison of methods. The fourth tasks is a color conversion that compares the selection of RGB and HSV; blurring that compares the median method and the gaussian method; edge detection that compares the methods of sobel, canny and hough transformation; and morphology that compares the methods of erosion, dilation, opening, and closing. Specifically, this simulator is used to take value, and method comparison will be used in subsequent experiments. Take values can be in the form of color values or image results from several methods used. In order for our simulators to be used by robot soccer developers, testing is needed. The test was conducted in three stages, that are validity test, small group test, and large group test. In the first stage, the validation test results were 92.59% and 99.07%. In the second stage, the results of the small group test amounted to 82.24%. In the third stage, the results of a large group test amounted to 87.10%, while the evaluation phase is carried out at each stage.
simulators,image processing,robot soccer
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