Restoration Optimization Method of Fault Repair Path in Distribution Network under Extreme Events

2022 IEEE/IAS Industrial and Commercial Power System Asia (I&CPS Asia)(2022)

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After the disaster, the power supply company should first consider to complete the repair of distribution network fault quickly and with high quality, and then restore the power supply. Because the distribution network fault lines are often randomly distributed and cannot be accurately predicted, the line repair part needs to plan the repair route according to the real-time situation. At this time, how to choose the path to repair the fault and repair the damaged line as soon as possible has become a problem to be solved by the line maintenance personnel. At present, there are few studies on fault path optimization of distribution network. Considering the limited repair resources, this paper realizes the optimization of fault repair path by establishing the optimization model of fault repair path in distribution network.
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Key words
distribution network,fault repair path,repair resources,fault path optimization
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