Tell Your Story: Task-Oriented Dialogs for Interactive Content Creation


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People capture photos and videos to relive and share memories of personal significance. Recently, media montages (stories) have become a popular mode of sharing these memories due to their intuitive and powerful storytelling capabilities. However, creating such montages usually involves a lot of manual searches, clicks, and selections that are time-consuming and cumbersome, adversely affecting user experiences. To alleviate this, we propose task-oriented dialogs for montage creation as a novel interactive tool to seamlessly search, compile, and edit montages from a media collection. To the best of our knowledge, our work is the first to leverage multi-turn conversations for such a challenging application, extending the previous literature studying simple media retrieval tasks. We collect a new dataset C3 (Conversational Content Creation), comprising 10k dialogs conditioned on media montages simulated from a large media collection. We take a simulate-and-paraphrase approach to collect these dialogs to be both cost and time efficient, while drawing from natural language distribution. Our analysis and benchmarking of state-of-the-art language models showcase the multimodal challenges present in the dataset. Lastly, we present a real-world mobile demo application that shows the feasibility of the proposed work in real-world applications. Our code and data will be made publicly available.
interactive content creation,dialogs,task-oriented
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