Simulation of a Solar Power System with Generator Set Backup Source for Hybrid Power System Application

2019 International Conference on Electrical, Electronics and Information Engineering (ICEEIE)(2019)

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Today the need for electrical energy throughout the world is increasing. This is because the use of electrical energy has penetrated almost all aspects of human life. In general, electrical energy is generated by using oil or gas-fired power plants that are limited and require a long time to be reproduced. And does not rule out the possibility of a system failure that results in the supply of electrical energy not meeting the load requirements, where this will result in a temporary cut off of the electrical energy supply until the system is restored. Therefore, the use of new and renewable energy is considered as an alternative to overcome the bad possibilities that might occur. This paper describes the simulation of backup electrical energy sources using solar cells as the main source and generator sets as additional sources. This system works if the electricity from the network is cut off. The main electrical energy supply from this system is the solar cell, the generator set will be active when the supply of the solar cell cannot meet the load requirements. The process of adding electrical energy by a generator set is controlled by using a microcontroller circuit. Simulation results show that the system can provide electricity more efficiently. The complete simulation has been accomplished using load flow analysis simulation. This simulation is based on the G4 building owned by the Electrical Engineering Department in Universitas Negeri Malang that uses solar panel installation and generator set as the backup source, where the supply of energy is allocated to several priority components.
solar cell,hybrid power system,generator set,renewable energy source,control device
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