Observation of Phonon Cascades in Cu-Doped Colloidal Quantum Wells.

Nano letters(2022)

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Electronic doping has endowed colloidal quantum wells (CQWs) with unique optical and electronic properties, holding great potential for future optoelectronic device concepts. Unfortunately, how photogenerated hot carriers interact with phonons in these doped CQWs still remains an open question. Here, through investigating the emission properties, we have observed an efficient phonon cascade process (i.e., up to 27 longitudinal optical phonon replicas are revealed in the broad Cu emission band at room temperature) and identified a giant Huang-Rhys factor ( ≈ 12.4, more than 1 order of magnitude larger than reported values of other inorganic semiconductor nanomaterials) in Cu-doped CQWs. We argue that such an ultrastrong electron-phonon coupling in Cu-doped CQWs is due to the dopant-induced lattice distortion and the dopant-enhanced density of states. These findings break the widely accepted consensus that electron-phonon coupling is typically weak in quantum-confined systems, which are crucial for optoelectronic applications of doped electronic nanomaterials.
colloidal quantum wells,copper doping,electron−phonon interactions,phonon cascades
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