Blockchain-Based Access Control and Behavior Regulation System for IoT.


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With the development of 5G and the Internet of things (IoT), the multi-domain access of massive devices brings serious data security and privacy issues. At the same time, most access systems lack the ability to identify network attacks and cannot adopt dynamic and timely defenses against various security threats. To this end, we propose a blockchain-based access control and behavior regulation system for IoT. Relying on the attribute-based access control model, this system deploys smart contracts on the blockchain to achieve distributed and fine-grained access control and ensures that the identity and authority of access users can be trusted. At the same time, an inter-domain communication mechanism is designed based on the locator/identifier separation protocol and ensures the traffic of access users are authorized. A feedback module that combines traffic detection and credit evaluation is proposed, ensuring real-time detection and fast, proactive responses against malicious behavior. Ultimately, all modules are linked together through workflows to form an integrated security model. Experiments and analysis show that the system can effectively provide comprehensive security protection in IoT scenarios.
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Internet of things,access control,blockchain,locator/ID separation protocol,smart contract
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