Efficient dynamic 3D shape measurement technique for resisting motion-induced error

Optics & Laser Technology(2023)

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The phase-shifting profilometry is usually used to acquire dynamic 3D scenarios owning to these merits of dense 3D points, high speed, and simple devices. However, the object in motion will introduce an unknown phase shift, inducing the motion error in 3D shape. Eliminating the motion error with high efficiency is still a significant challenge. This paper analyzes the model of motion error and proposes a novel fringe projection strategy to resist the motion error. Unlike the traditional methods, typically compensating for the motion error with supplementary computing, the proposed method can directly obtain the accurate phase since the designed fringe projection strategy possesses the function of resisting motion error. Therefore, it is more efficient without the post-processing procedure. Simulations and experiments reveal that the proposed method can significantly improve efficiency with reasonable accuracy.
Motion error,Phase-shifting profilometry
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