Neural Fields for Robotic Object Manipulation from a Single Image


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We present a unified and compact representation for object rendering, 3D reconstruction, and grasp pose prediction that can be inferred from a single image within a few seconds. We achieve this by leveraging recent advances in the Neural Radiance Field (NeRF) literature that learn category-level priors and fine-tune on novel objects with minimal data and time. Our insight is that we can learn a compact shape representation and extract meaningful additional information from it, such as grasping poses. We believe this to be the first work to retrieve grasping poses directly from a NeRF-based representation using a single viewpoint (RGB-only), rather than going through a secondary network and/or representation. When compared to prior art, our method is two to three orders of magnitude smaller while achieving comparable performance at view reconstruction and grasping. Accompanying our method, we also propose a new dataset of rendered shoes for training a sim-2-real NeRF method with grasping poses for different widths of grippers.
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