ROH-BOT: An IoT Wearable and Inclusive Health Device for Remote Patient Monitoring With Different Alarm Systems

Claudia Agriesti, Maria Ida De Cinque,Filippo Carloni,Marco Domenico Santambrogio

2022 IEEE 7th Forum on Research and Technologies for Society and Industry Innovation (RTSI)(2022)

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For the last two years, the world has been fighting an invisible enemy: COVID-19 (coronavirus). The spreading of this virus caused an unprecedented pandemic, bringing out some critical health system issues due to overcrowded hospitals and undersized medical personnel compared to the number of infected. Indeed, in this context, health facilities have proven inadequate in treating COVID-19 patients who were in quarantine at home, leading to overcrowded hospitals. An efficient home monitoring system would have reserved hospital beds for patients in severe conditions while, at the same time, doctors would have followed up on patients who had mild disease symptoms remotely. Unfortunately, the development of telemedicine was not enough; devices were not user-friendly and had insufficient memory to guarantee daily data storage. ROH-BOT is an IoT device that allows real-time contact with the doctor, tracking the patient’s vital values, and registers the critical parameters that characterize the specific disease. It also allows quick contact with a trusted third person due to its association with a Telegram bot. Moreover, thanks to its user-friendly characteristics, ROH-BOT increases the growing digitalization in the medical field and the democratization of medical technology. In this way, ROH-BOT aims to solve the difficulties related to home monitoring relieved during the pandemic.
COVID-19,ROH-BOT,Pulse Oximeter,Inclusion,Internet of Things (IoT),Democratization,Digitalization,Wireless-alarm,Telegram,BPM,SpO2,Kalman filter,Arduino,Telemedicine,Google Sheet
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