Performance evaluation of permissioned blockchains for financial applications: The ConsenSys Quorum case study

Blockchain: Research and Applications(2022)

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Given the availability of several blockchain technologies in permissioned contexts, blockchain application designers have to cope with the increasing complexity of choosing which technology and consensus algorithm best fit a specific use case. However, the lack of a standard framework allowing to assess the scalability of permissioned blockchain platforms and to compare performances and features of consensus algorithms makes the development of a sensible evaluation a costly and difficult time-consuming problem. Throughout this article, we propose a practical scalability and applicability evaluation of the Quorum blockchain and its consensus algorithms. Although we apply our evaluation workflow to a financial use case, we define a methodology that can be generalized to any permissioned blockchain technology. We leverage Hyperledger Caliper as a benchmarking tool, and Docker as a deployment tool, making our analysis easy to be repeated, cross-platform, and cost-effective.
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