A Heuristic-based Optimization Framework for Customizable Design of Long-Haul Data Center Interconnect Networks

Journal of Optical Communications and Networking(2022)

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With the widespread deployment of data centers, Internet service providers are expecting more efficient design strategies to build long-haul data center interconnect (DCI) networks. In this paper, we propose a heuristic-based optimization framework to design these networks. Through this framework, network designers can obtain a site-type design scheme that arranges customized site types such as in-line amplifiers, dynamic gain equalizers, optical terminal multiplexers, and electrical regenerators, and three strategies are provided for reference. Taking the quality of transmission as the main metric, and the overall cost of the network as the ancillary measurement, we compare the schemes obtained by the proposed framework against the baseline scheme obtained by a traditional periodic design strategy. Simulations are conducted on a topology of the Tencent DCI network. Under the condition that all schemes ensure that the minimum general signal-to-noise ratio (GSNR) remains above the given GSNR threshold, the schemes designed by our framework can achieve overall cost savings up to 25.73%.
Costs,Repeaters,Optimization,Optical fiber networks,Network topology,Topology,Optical design
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