Graphene and Liquid Metal Integrated Multifunctional Wearable Platform for Monitoring Motion and Human-Machine Interfacing

ACS NANO(2022)

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Motion sensors are an essential component of many electronic systems. However, the development of inertial motion sensors based on fatigue-free soft proof mass has not been explored extensively in the field of soft electronics. Nontoxic gallium-based liquid metals are an emerging class of material that exhibit attractive electromechanical properties, making them excellent proof mass materials for inertial sensors. Here, we propose and demonstrate a fully soft laser-induced graphene (LIG) and liquid metal-based inertial sensor integrated with temperature, humidity, and breathing sensors. The inertial sensor design confines a graphene-coated liquid metal droplet inside a fluidic channel, rolling over LIG resistive electrode. The proposed sensor architecture and material realize a highly mobile proof mass and a vibrational space for its oscillation. The inertial sensor exhibits a high sensitivity of 6.52% m-1 s2 and excellent repeatability (over 12 500 cycles). The platform is fabricated using a scalable, rapid laser writing technique and integrated with a programmable system on a chip (PSoC) to function as a standalone system for real-time wireless monitoring of movement patterns and the control of a robotic arm. The developed printed inertial platform is an excellent candidate for the next-generation of wearables motion tracking platforms and soft human- machine interfaces.
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Key words
laser-induced graphene,liquid metal,nonstick metal droplet,motion sensor,multifunctional sensor
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