Efficient Adaptive Upsampling Module for Real-time Semantic Segmentation

International Journal of Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence(2022)

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Upsampling operation is necessary for semantic segmentation and other pixel-level prediction tasks. Among the commonly used upsampling operations, some are too simple to effectively recover the spatial details lost during downsampling process, and some are too complex and have high computation complexity. In real-world applications, it is critical to achieve high accuracy and maintain real-time inference speed. Therefore, an efficient upsampling operation is essential for these tasks. In this paper, we introduce efficient adaptive upsampling module (EAUM) for real-time semantic segmentation. Inspired by dynamic filter networks, EAUM adaptively predicts the kernel weight of each point in the upsampled feature map according to the corresponding points in the input feature map. To reduce computational cost, EAUM decomposes the spatial information and channel information required for upsampling. The proposed EAUM shows impressive performance on Cityscapes and CamVid benchmarks. Specifically, DenseENet with EAUM outperforms the baseline by 1.4% (73.6%-> 75.0%) and 1.6% (75.2%-> 76.8%) in accuracy with a slight drop in inference speed on Cityscapes test dataset.
Upsampling operation,semantic segmentation,lightweight
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