MonoNHR: Monocular Neural Human Renderer

2022 International Conference on 3D Vision (3DV)(2022)

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Existing neural human rendering methods struggle with a single image input due to the lack of information in in-visible areas and the depth ambiguity of pixels in visible areas. In this regard, we propose Monocular Neural Human Renderer (MonoNHR), a novel approach that renders robust free-viewpoint images of an arbitrary human given only a single image. MonoNHR is the first method that (i) renders human subjects never seen during training in a monocular setup, and (ii) is trained in a weakly-supervised manner without geometry supervision. First, we propose to disentangle 3D geometry and texture features and to condition the texture inference on the 3D geometry features. Second, we introduce a Mesh Inpainter module that inpaints the occluded parts exploiting human structural priors such as symmetry. Experiments on ZJU-MoCap, AIST and HUMBI datasets show that our approach significantly outperforms the recent methods adapted to the monocular case.
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