Point Normal Orientation and Surface Reconstruction by Incorporating Isovalue Constraints to Poisson Equation

Dong Xiao,Zuoqiang Shi, Siyu Li,Bailin Deng,Bin Wang


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Oriented normals are common pre-requisites for many geometric algorithms based on point clouds, such as Poisson surface reconstruction. However, it is not trivial to obtain a consistent orientation. In this work, we bridge orientation and reconstruction in implicit space and propose a novel approach to orient point cloud normals by incorporating isovalue constraints to the Poisson equation. Our key observation is that when using a point cloud with consistently oriented normals as the input for implicit surface reconstruction, the indicator function values of the sample points should be close to the isovalue of the surface. Based on this observation and the Poisson equation, we propose an optimization formulation that combines isovalue constraints with local consistency requirements for normals. We optimize normals and implicit functions simultaneously and solve for a globally consistent orientation. Thanks to the sparsity of the linear system, our method can work on an average laptop with reasonable computational time. Experiments show that our method can achieve high performance in non-uniform and noisy data and manage varying sampling densities, artifacts, multiple connected components, and nested surfaces.
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