Electromagnetic Pigging System Based on Sandwich Differential Planar Coil

IEEE Sensors Journal(2022)

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In-pipeline inspection is an important precontrol method to ensure the safety of oil and gas pipeline transportation. This article proposes an electromagnetic in-pipe detector based on passive resonance-enhanced differential planar coils to detect defects on the inner surface of pipes. Both qualitative and quantitative analyses of pipeline defects and damage are developed. The introduction of passive resonant coils is shown to significantly improve the detection capability of the sensor. This is coupled with the establishment of a theoretical derivation model of the proposed structure. The hardware platform of the laboratory system has been built, and an eddy current internal detector suitable for 8-in-diameter pipes is developed and integrated into the system. Numerical simulations and experimental verifications on flat defects and pipe defects have been undertaken. The obtained results have shown that the real defects have been correctly detected, and the system is effective, reliable, and efficient.
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Key words
Eddy current (EC) testing,in-pipeline inspection,planar coil,resonance enhancement
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