Tracing the evolution of AI in the past decade and forecasting the emerging trends

Expert Systems with Applications(2022)

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The past decade has witnessed the rapid development of Artificial Intelligence (AI), especially the explosion of deep learning-related connectionist approaches. This study combines traditional literature review, bibliometric methods, and the Science of Science (SciSci) theory to scrutinize the development context of AI in the last decade on, AMiner is an academic mining system, which will be introduced in the following section. With the assistance of AMiner tools and datasets, this paper aims to describe a further explicit context and evolution of AI in the past decade from the development of connectionist approaches. Five aspects of the past decade are highlighted: self-learning and self-coding algorithms, Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN) algorithms, reinforcement learning, pre-trained models, and other typical deep learning algorithms, which represent the significant progress of this field. By combining these critical parts, we then summarize the current limitations and corresponding future of AI trends in the next decade and discuss some topics about the next generation of AI. Discoveries in this paper will benefit AI research in promoting understanding of the current critical stage and future trends of AI development and the AI industry in the dramatic ascendant for the academic research results transformation and its industrial layout.
Artificial Intelligence,Frontier research,Future trend,Data analytics,Science of Science
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