An experimental investigation on emission characteristics in CI engine with zinc and vanadium coated catalytic converter

N. Udhayakumar,M. Mani,S. Ramesh Babu, G. Karthikeyan, K. Peace John Samuel, V Karna

Materials Today: Proceedings(2022)

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Usages of automobile are increases day by day with human population. Increase in emissions from automobile and industry are also increased with fossil fuel usage. Major emissions from diesel engines are oxides of nitrogen due to high combustion temperature with high oxygen concentration and diesel particulate matter due to improper mixing with low in-cylinder temperature. Trade-off of these two emissions become research topic from past two decades. In this current research work, four stroke single cylinder diesel engine with a 3.7 kW rated power at the rated speed of 1500 rpm used with zinc and vanadium coated catalytic convertor for emission analysis. Conventional diesel engine operated with various load like 0%, 25%, 50%, 75% & 100% to measure characteristics of performance, combustion and emission with coated catalytic converter. The results show that there was 70% reduction in HC and 50% reduction in CO2, 70% reduction in NOx, 60% reduction in CO.
Emission,Catalytic Converter,Vanadium,Zinc
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