The DEVStone Metric: Performance Analysis of DEVS Simulation Engines

ACM Transactions on Modeling and Computer Simulation(2022)

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he DEVStone benchmark allows us to evaluate the performance of discrete-event simulators based on the Discrete Event System (DEVS) formalism. It provides model sets with different characteristics, enabling the analysis of specific issues of simulation engines. However, this heterogeneity hinders the comparison of the results among studies, as the results obtained on each research work depend on the chosen subset of DEVStone models. We define the DEVStone metric based on the DEVStone synthetic benchmark and provide a mechanism for specifying objective ratings for DEVS-based simulators. This metric corresponds to the average number of times that a simulator can execute a selection of 12 DEVStone models in 1 minute. The variety of the chosen models ensures that we measure different particularities provided by DEVStone. The proposed metric allows us to compare various simulators and to assess the impact of new features on their performance. We use the DEVStone metric to compare some popular DEVS-based simulators.
Discrete-event simulation, performance, benchmarking
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