Metal-organic frameworks-based microtrapper for real-time monitoring of targeted analyte and mechanism study


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Interstitial fluid (ISF) provides important information of clinical value and physiological significance beyond blood tests for obtaining more precise health information and disease theranostics. Generally, current strategies are limited to simple extraction with time-consuming follow-up procedures. Facing challenges in efficient and real-time monitoring of target analytes in transdermal ISF, we develop metal-organic framework (MOF)-func-tionalized microneedle (MN) patches to achieve efficient antibiotics sampling, coupling direct analysis in real time mass spectrometry (DART-MS). The MOF MN microtrapper is constructed in a double-layered structure with a hard core and a better tissue penetration was accomplished. The MOF-based microtrapper manifests good in -vitro and in-vivo antibiotics tracking capability with a semi-quantitative method established. Moreover, the hydrogen-bond driven interaction is clarified by using molecular dynamics simulations (MDS) and related computational analysis. Good penetration safety is confirmed by histological analysis with promising clinical transnationality. We anticipate MOF MN-based microdevices provide a versatile minimally invasive strategy for transdermal ISF extraction and an extendable platform for a range of target molecules monitoring, including drugs, metabolites, biomarkers, et c, with promising clinical transnationality.
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Metal-organic frameworks,Microneedles,Real-time monitoring,Microtrapper
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