Controllable Free Viewpoint Video Reconstruction Based on Neural Radiance Fields and Motion Graphs.

He Zhang,Fan Li,Jianhui Zhao, Chao Tan, Dongming Shen,Yebin Liu,Tao Yu

IEEE transactions on visualization and computer graphics(2022)

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In this paper, we propose a controllable high-quality free viewpoint video generation method based on the motion graph and neural radiance fields (NeRF). Different from existing pose-driven NeRF or time/structure conditioned NeRF works, we propose to first construct a directed motion graph of the captured sequence. Such a sequence-motion-parameterization strategy not only enables flexible pose control for free viewpoint video rendering but also avoids redundant calculation of similar poses and thus improves the overall reconstruction efficiency. Moreover, to support body shape control without losing the realistic free viewpoint rendering performance, we improve the vanilla NeRF by combining explicit surface deformation and implicit neural scene representations. Specifically, we train a local surface-guided NeRF for each valid frame on the motion graph, and the volumetric rendering was only performed in the local space around the real surface, thus enabling plausible shape control ability. As far as we know, our method is the first method that supports both realistic free viewpoint video reconstruction and motion graph-based user-guided motion traversal. The results and comparisons further demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method.
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