Plastic Film Based Lightweight Thruster Driven by Triboelectric Nanogenerator for Multi-Purpose Propulsion Applications

SSRN Electronic Journal(2022)

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Electroaerodynamics (EAD) force, produced by the collisions of moving ions with neutral molecules from air or other gases in a high-strength electric field, has been proven as an alternative method of great potential for propulsion without combustion emissions. Here, we demonstrate a simple and easily-fabricated plastic film based lightweight EAD thruster (5.44 mg), which can produce a high entrained airflow up to 3.65 m s−1 with a corresponding thrust force of 0.68 mN under the applied voltage of 8.5 kV. As a new and promising energy technology, triboelectric nanogenerator (TENG), has shown its natural advantage of high voltage output for high-strength electric field building in various applications. With proper circuits, different forms of EAD thrusters and TENG power were combined into different propulsion systems, which can successfully propel boats moving forward, micro aircrafts flying and the maglev state globe rotating, showing great prospects in multiple fields.
Electroaerodynamics,Thruster,Propulsion system,Triboelectric nanogenerator,High voltage
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