Towards Counterfactual Image Manipulation via CLIP

International Multimedia Conference(2022)

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ABSTRACTLeveraging StyleGAN's expressivity and its disentangled latent codes, existing methods can achieve realistic editing of different visual attributes such as age and gender of facial images. An intriguing yet challenging problem arises: Can generative models achieve counterfactual editing against their learnt priors? Due to the lack of counterfactual samples in natural datasets, we investigate this problem in a text-driven manner with Contrastive-Language-Image-Pretraining (CLIP), which can offer rich semantic knowledge even for various counterfactual concepts. Different from in-domain manipulation, counterfactual manipulation requires more comprehensive exploitation of semantic knowledge encapsulated in CLIP as well as more delicate handling of editing directions for avoiding being stuck in local minimum or undesired editing. To this end, we design a novel contrastive loss that exploits predefined CLIP-space directions to guide the editing toward desired directions from different perspectives. In addition, we design a simple yet effective scheme that explicitly maps CLIP embeddings (of target text) to the latent space and fuses them with latent codes for effective latent code optimization and accurate editing. Extensive experiments show that our design achieves accurate and realistic editing while driving by target texts with various counterfactual concepts.
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