A Weighted Symmetric Graph Embedding Approach for Link Prediction in Undirected Graphs


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Link prediction is an important task in social network analysis and mining because of its various applications. A large number of link prediction methods have been proposed. Among them, the deep learning-based embedding methods exhibit excellent performance, which encodes each node and edge as an embedding vector, enabling easy integration with traditional machine learning algorithms. However, there still remain some unsolved problems for this kind of methods, especially in the steps of node embedding and edge embedding. First, they either share exactly the same weight among all neighbors or assign a completely different weight to each node to obtain the node embedding. Second, they can hardly keep the symmetry of edge embeddings obtained from node representations by direct concatenation or other binary operations such as averaging and Hadamard product. In order to solve these problems, we propose a weighted symmetric graph embedding approach for link prediction. In node embedding, the proposed approach aggregates neighbors in different orders with different aggregating weights. In edge embedding, the proposed approach bidirectionally concatenates node pairs both forwardly and backwardly to guarantee the symmetry of edge representations while preserving local structural information. The experimental results show that our proposed approach can better predict network links, outperforming the state-of-the-art methods. The appropriate aggregating weight assignment and the bidirectional concatenation enable us to learn more accurate and symmetric edge representations for link prediction.
Feature extraction,Computational modeling,Task analysis,Symmetric matrices,Social networking (online),Costs,Matrix decomposition,Graph embedding,graph neural network (GNN),link prediction,symmetric concatenation,weighted aggregation
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