LECA: A Learned Approach for Efficient Cover-agnostic Watermarking


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In this work, we present an efficient multi-bit deep image watermarking method that is cover-agnostic yet also robust to geometric distortions such as translation and scaling as well as other distortions such as JPEG compression and noise. Our design consists of a light-weight watermark encoder jointly trained with a deep neural network based decoder. Such a design allows us to retain the efficiency of the encoder while fully utilizing the power of a deep neural network. Moreover, the watermark encoder is independent of the image content, allowing users to pre-generate the watermarks for further efficiency. To offer robustness towards geometric transformations, we introduced a learned model for predicting the scale and offset of the watermarked images. Moreover, our watermark encoder is independent of the image content, making the generated watermarks universally applicable to different cover images. Experiments show that our method outperforms comparably efficient watermarking methods by a large margin.
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