Augmented Reality (AR) Press Machine as the application of the latest learning media technology in the XXI Century

Journal of Physics: Conference Series(2021)

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Abstract The objectives of this study are: (1) creating an augmented reality (AR) application in the form of a press machine; (2) testing the attractiveness of the technology developed; and (3) testing the effectiveness of AR technology in the form of press machines. The method used is research and development (R&D). The final stage of product development is to carry out quasi-experiments. The phase is focused on all vocational students at Malang State University. The findings in this study include: (1) AR-shaped press machine that was developed proved to have a high level of design attractiveness and material; (2) AR shaped press machine that was developed proved effective in increasing student’s basic understanding of the competence in understanding the function of press machine components; and (3) all results in this study are expected to be the main reference in the development of AR technology for learning.
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