Exploring Immersive Technology for Architecture that Empowers Marginalized People: An Australian Postgraduate Case Study in Design Education

Journal of Design Studio(2021)

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This paper examines a case study part of an ongoing PhD research at Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia. The case study investigates how architecture students can employ media architecture design with real-time-render software tools to empower people without permanent residence. As part of the assignment students developed a media architecture structure during the semester to support people who are facing homelessness. The target participants of this study were master architecture students at Queensland University of Technology. Students participated in an online survey and semi-structured interviews at the end of the semester to provide feedback about their learning experience during the master class. The data was analysed with thematic analysis. The study results explore the potential of technology to face the ongoing issues of homelessness. It opens the discussion how media architecture can be utilised to target issues such as displacement and marginalization. The results allow to refine future studio education and endeavour how to employ real-time software in a studio context.
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