Population dynamics, seasonal fluctuations and spatial distribution of the olive psyllid Euphyllura olivina Costa (Homoptera, Psyllidae) in Algeria

A. Guessab,M. Elouissi, F. Lazreg,A. Elouissi

Arxius de Miscel·lània Zoològica(2021)

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The olive psyllid Euphyllura olivina Costa (Homoptera, Psyllidae) causes considerable damage in olive groves in the Mediterranean basin, there by affecting production. To assess the rate of infestation and provide elements of integrated pest management, we monitored the life cycle and bio–ecology of this pest through population counts on the leaves and twigs of the tree from 29 March 2019 to 27 March 2020 at two relatively distant olive farms (Ain fares and Oued taria) in the wilaya of Mascara, Algeria. Our results showed that infestation was high on trees in the Oued taria farm. We found that E. olivina developed two generations per year, in spring, influenced by the climatic factors. The difference between the relative abundance of the different life stages (eggs, larval instar 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, female and male) in the cardinals orientations was significant. Infestation was highest on the southern and central orientations of the tree. Populations fluctuations were significantly affected by season at both farms.
bioecologia,euphyllura olivina,fenologia,dinàmica poblacional,oliverars,plagues en oliverars
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