Adaptability of academic integrity procedures and practices in the COVID-19-accelerated transition to online assessment

ASCILITE 2021: Back to the Future – ASCILITE ‘21 Proceedings ASCILITE 2021 in Armidale(2021)

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The COVID-19 pandemic brought unexpected disruptions to educational practices, forcing universities to deliver lectures, tutorials, exams, and other assessments online. Academics and program managers reacted swiftly to adapt their education programs, managing a crisis that could have harmed Australia’s education system. Academic staff rapidly addressed the immediate requirements of delivering classes online, upskilling their digital competencies to continue with minimal disadvantage to students. A perceived problem arising from the need to move to online assessment is an increase in violations of academic integrity. Due to the speed with which the changes took place, there have not necessarily been corresponding changes in the policies and procedures that govern and guide teaching and assessment practices, related to academic integrity. A crisis can open an opportunity for innovation, and this study is a work in progress to investigate how things were done differently to uphold academic integrity in computing courses at Australian universities.
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