Fault-Tolerant Topology of Agricultural Wireless Sensor Networks Based on a Double Price Function


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Wireless sensor networks (WSN) enable the acquisition of multisource environmental data and crop states in precision agriculture. However, the complex agricultural environment causes the WSN topology to change frequently and link connection probability is difficult to predict. In order to improve the utilization of network resources and balance the network energy consumption, this paper studies an agricultural fault-tolerant topology construction method based on the potential game and cut vertex detection. Considering the connectivity redundancy, node lifetime, and residual energy, a fault-tolerant topology algorithm for agricultural WSN based on a double price function is designed. The network is clustered according to the node location and residual energy to form a single-hop effective cluster. Based on the network cluster, the price function is constructed in order to reduce energy consumption and balance network energy efficiency. The initial transmit power set supporting inter-cluster communication is obtained by potential game theory. While preserving the game characteristics of topology, the redundant links are eliminated and the transmit power is adjusted by a cut vertex detection algorithm to realize the construction of a 2-connected cluster head network. Simulation results show that the network topology constructed by the studied algorithm can balance the energy consumption and prolong the network lifetime effectively.
agricultural WSN, potential game, double price function, cut vertex, fault-tolerant topology
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