An Obstacle Detection Algorithm Suitable for Complex Traffic Environment


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For the task of obstacle detection in a complex traffic environment, this paper proposes a road-free space extraction and obstacle detection method based on stereo vision. The proposed method combines the advantages of the V-disparity image and the Stixel method. Firstly, the depth information and the V-disparity image are calculated according to the disparity image. Then, the free space on the road surface is calculated through the RANSAC algorithm and dynamic programming (DP) algorithm. Furthermore, a new V-disparity image and a new U-disparity image are calculated by the disparity image after removing the road surface information. Finally, the height and width of the obstacles on the road are extracted from the new V-disparity image and U-disparity image, respectively. The detection of obstacles is realized by the height and width information of obstacles. In order to verify the method, we adopted the object detection benchmarks and road detection benchmarks of the KITTI dataset for verification. In terms of the accuracy performance indicators quality, detection rate, detection accuracy, and effectiveness, the method in this paper reaches 0.820, 0.863, 0.941, and 0.900, respectively, and the time consumption is only 5.145 milliseconds. Compared with other obstacle detection methods, the detection accuracy and real-time performance in this paper are better. The experimental results show that the method has good robustness and real-time performance for obstacle detection in a complex traffic environment.
obstacle detection, V-disparity image, U-disparity, Stixel-World
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