Mission-Oriented Missile Equipment Support System Modeling: Considering the Failure and Health State

Lu Guo,Xiaodong Liu


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Missile equipment support system is a complex system involving mission profile, operating environment, support personnel, resource scheduling, and other factors, and most of the equipment failures are a process of continuous evolution over time. Based on the characteristics of equipment functions or performance parameters and current detection methods, only part of equipment health degradation trend can be monitored. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out the support system simulation considering the equipment failure and health state comprehensively. In this paper, a mission-oriented modeling framework of missile equipment support system based on agent is proposed. Agents of equipment, support, management, and environment are abstracted. The behavior logic, information transmission link, and interaction mechanism among agents are explained. The failure occurrence handling mechanism and health state degradation handling mechanism are determined. The equipment recovery behavior model, including equipment health state control model, corrective maintenance behavior model, and system reconstruction behavior model, are constructed, and the simulation process and implementation method are explained. Finally, a certain type of missile equipment is taken as an example for simulation. The results show that the mean time between failures can be extended and the times of corrective maintenance can be reduced by maintenance support with integrated consideration of equipment failure and health deterioration. In addition, the simulation results show the variation trend of equipment availability, which can lay a solid foundation for the optimization design of equipment support resources in the future, so as to improve the availability of equipment in the whole life cycle.
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