Face mask detection services of Covid19 monitoring system to maintain a safe environment using deep learning method

None Djuniadi,N Iksan,A F Hastawan,A F Suni,A A Firdaus, L Hidayati, D K Setiawan,E D Udayanti, F Prasetyanto

IOP conference series(2022)

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Abstract COVID19 has become one of the pandemic diseases that hit the world, including in Indonesia. Efforts to prevent the spread of this virus have been carried out, including by implementing health protocols, provide information services for the spread of the virus and emergency response, detection services for people suspected and infected with the virus and programs for preventing the spread of the virus and vaccination for all elements of society in Indonesia. This research focuses on the development of face mask detection system to detect the use of mask by people using deep learning method that focuses more on object detection. Face masked detection systems can be used to assist in monitoring compliance with the use of masks in public areas that have the potential to cause crowds so as to create a safe environment. The use of the Deep Learning method through the MobileNets V2 architecture was quite effective and gives an accuracy result in testing the classification training data of 0.99 at 10 epochs and has also been implemented in real-time direct testing.
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Key words
mask detection services,covid19,face,deep learning
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