Reactive Informative Planning for Mobile Manipulation Tasks under Sensing and Environmental Uncertainty

IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation(2022)

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In this paper we address mobile manipulation planning problems in the presence of sensing and environmental uncertainty. In particular, we consider mobile sensing manipulators operating in environments with unknown geometry and uncertain movable objects, while being responsible for accomplishing tasks requiring grasping and releasing objects in a logical fashion. Existing algorithms either do not scale well or neglect sensing and/or environmental uncertainty. To face these challenges, we propose a hybrid control architecture, where a symbolic controller generates high-level manipulation commands (e.g., grasp an object) based on environmental feedback, an informative planner designs paths to actively decrease the uncertainty of objects of interest, and a continuous reactive controller tracks the sparse waypoints comprising the informative paths while avoiding a priori unknown obstacles. The overall architecture can handle environmental and sensing uncertainty online, as the robot explores its workspace. Using numerical simulations, we show that the proposed architecture can handle tasks of increased complexity while responding to unanticipated adverse configurations.
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