The composite scattering of a missile above the sea surface

2021 13th International Symposium on Antennas, Propagation and EM Theory (ISAPE)(2021)

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The research of composite scattering between target and background has always been a hotspot in the RCS computation, target identification and stealthy. In this paper, the sea surface modeling by Weierstrass fractal function, the composite scattering of sea surface and missile based on physical optics method (PO) and shooting and bouncing rays (SBR) method are investigated. The results of the electromagnetic scattering software ESEE, by using OpenGL graphic programming technology and C++ multithreading processing technology, are presented. The results are validated by comparison with commercial software. The composite scattering of different sea states, different heights and different attitudes are investigated.
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Key words
composite scattering,missile,sea surface,target identification,electromagnetic scattering software ESEE,sea states,OpenGL graphic programming technology,C++ multithreading processing technology,RCS computation,Weierstrass fractal function,physical optics method,shooting and bouncing rays method,SBR method
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