Research on Energy-Saving Optimization of Rural Houses in Specific Regions Based on Internet of Things


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With the expansion of social energy use, the optimization of residential energy conservation has become urgent and important. The research on rural housing in areas with hot summers and cold winters started late and is relatively backward in terms of housing energy saving, which greatly hinders the sustainable development of rural areas. The application of the Internet of Things technology helps to provide a stable technical guarantee for energy-saving optimization. Therefore, this paper takes the energy-saving optimization design of rural houses in hot summer and cold winter areas based on the Internet of Things technology as the research theme. This article first takes H rural area as the research object and analyzes the climatic conditions of the place, that is, the typical characteristics of hot summer and cold winter. Then, the intelligent temperature acquisition system is designed, and the working process and main hardware modules of the system are introduced. This text combines GPRS and Internet of Things technology, designs the temperature control system, and carries on the test to the system operation effect. The test results show that during the heating period in January, before and after the temperature control system controls the room temperature, the maximum relative error between the set temperature value and the actual temperature value is 0.49 and 0.27, respectively. It can be seen that the intelligent temperature energy-saving control system can collect the indoor temperature in real time and can well control the heating equipment.
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rural houses,energy-saving energy-saving
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