DUET: A Generic Framework for Finding Special Quadratic Elements in Data Streams

International World Wide Web Conference(2022)

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ABSTRACT Finding special items, like heavy hitters, top-k, and persistent items, has always been a hot issue in data stream processing for web analysis. While data streams nowadays are usually high-dimensional, most prior works focus on special items according to a certain primary dimension and yield little insight into the correlations between dimensions. Therefore, we propose to find special quadratic elements to reveal close correlations. Based on the items mentioned above, we extend our problem to three applications related to heavy hitters, top-k, and persistent items, and design a generic framework DUET to process them. Besides, we analyze the error bound of our algorithm and conduct extensive experiments on four data sets. Our experimental results show that DUET can achieve 3.5 times higher throughput and three orders of magnitude lower average relative error compared with cutting-edge algorithms.
data stream mining, sketch, data structure
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