Robust Measurements of n-Point Correlation Functions of Driven-Dissipative Quantum Systems on a Digital Quantum Computer


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We propose and demonstrate a unified hierarchical method to measure n-point correlation functions that can be applied to driven, dissipative, or otherwise open or nonequilibrium quantum systems. In this method, the time evolution of the system is repeatedly interrupted by interacting an ancilla qubit with the system through a controlled operation, and measuring the ancilla immediately afterward. We discuss the robustness of this method as compared to other ancilla-based interferometric techniques (such as the Hadamard test), and highlight its advantages for near-term quantum simulations of open quantum systems. We implement the method on a quantum computer in order to measure single-particle Green's functions of a driven-dissipative fermionic system. This Letter shows that dynamical correlation functions for drivendissipative systems can be robustly measured with near-term quantum computers.
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digital quantum computer,quantum systems,robust measurements,n-point,driven-dissipative
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